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What is Winter Market?

The 5th Annual Winter Market event will follow a recent tradition of providing Ohio State students, staff, and faculty an opportunity to satisfy their Holiday season shopping needs by selling highly designed, limited edition, small-batch housewares.

First Steps

To begin this project we took a research topic of our choice and took an in-depth look at everything surrounding it. We choose soccer and after hours of observations we came up with insights. After presenting these we exchanged with another ground and we took their research and began idiation. You can take a look at our observations and insights in the presentation below.  

The Next Step

The research we were given dealt with small spaces and restorative action. We then went through a rigorous process of selecting two products to further evaluate. We settled on a car soda dispenser and coasters. We evaluated competitors and materials to use. You can take a look at our process in the presentation below. 

What did we design?

After the presentation, the reviewers decided that we design a set of coasters. We decided to call them Acilla inspired by the Latin word for handmade, these coasters come in sets of four with a stand that doubles as a ring toss target; a fun way to organize your coasters when they're not in use. Handcrafted from reclaimed wood. Take a look at the video to learn more! 


Reclaimed hardwood, wood stain, linseed oil finish

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